Add the shine back to your vehicle

Has your car's paint lost its shine? Let us restore it for you with our waxing services. Your car will be waxed from bumper to bumper using the best products on the market for a beautiful shine that lasts. Choose from our spray wax, or let our experts go the extra mile with hand waxing. Wax service can be added to any of our affordable wash packages.

Get customized service that fits your budget

You'll have your choice from a variety of packages that are priced affordably. Any vehicle can be cleaned by our experts, and we offer our own personal GUARANTEE on all services.

Let us handle your toughest stains


It's very easy for the inside of your vehicle to become dirty. Dust can accumulate over time on your dashboard, drinks can leak into your cup holders and kids, pets, and muddy shoes on a rainy day can stain your carpet and upholstery. No matter how dirty the inside of your car is, you can count on our experts to get it looking new again in no time.

Come to us for complete cleaning

You can select a wash package that includes interior cleaning services like vacuuming, carpet shampooing, leather cleaning and conditioning, and cleaning of door panels, dashboards, and more.

Let us make your tires look new again


Even if your tires are still in great shape, driving can leave them looking old and dull. You don't want to spend a fortune to replace your tires just because of how they look, so what do you do? Bring your car to us for tire dressing. Your tires will be restored to look clean and glossy again in just minutes. All products used are safe for your tires and best of all, tire dressing is extremely affordable.

Let those tires shine

With over 8 years of experience in detailing, our experts know how to get your car looking its best. You'll be treated to outstanding service, great prices, and the best products for a quality finish.



See how we can restore the beauty of your car

Over time and with daily driving, your car can become extremely dirty. Even running your car through an automatic car wash doesn't remove all of the grime you pick up from the road. When you want your vehicle to shine like it did the day you bought it, bring it to us. Your car can be fully washed and detailed by a cleaning team that has over 8 years of experience.

We offer services for all vehicles. You can’t go wrong by choosing us for your detailing services.

FREE pickup and drop-off service within a 2-mile radius of our detailing shop.

Count on TNP for outstanding service with every visit”

All work is GUARANTEED.

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